Bruce Buchanan named one of Business Insider’s Top Retail Tech Power Players

Rokt CEO Bruce Buchanan was recently named one of Business Insider’s Top Retail Tech Power Players for 2022. This inaugural list of 34 industry leaders highlights those that are leading the way for retailers to thrive in areas such as machine learning, the metaverse, customer marketing, and more.

With a looming recession and inflation on the rise, retailers must offer their customers the best ecommerce experiences while keeping up with industry trends and supply demands. The shopping habits and customer expectations that have developed during the peak of the pandemic are here to stay, so being able to provide relevant offers and personalized experiences to customers is key to maintaining loyalty and boosting revenue.

“Customers will expect even more relevant and customized experiences every time they shop — wherever that may be,” Bruce Buchanan told Insider. “Customers already reward retailers that make transactions more relevant today, but in the future, customers will actively switch to where they feel remembered and valued.”

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