Conquering email open rates

By: Zachary Nelson-Shine, Account Manager (Sydney)

Our introduction to email nurture programs highlighted some best practices for engaging with new subscribers and introducing them to your brand. In part two, pick up some more tips from Rokt about how to increase your email open rates and keep customers coming back for more.

Depending on your industry, the average email open rate ranges from 15% to 28%. So what’s the secret sauce for hitting those target numbers? Capturing your audience’s attention early on with your subject line. According to Invesp, some 47% of email subscribers open an email based on the subject line alone.

The best way to tackle your subject line woes is to think of it as a first impression. When a recipient opens up their inbox, they can’t see all the great content, imagery, GIFs, etc. you have poured into your email. So think about how you want this email to be viewed and by extension, your brand to be viewed. There should also be a clear sense of intent – clients should understand what type of email they are about to open. And if it suits your brand, feel free to get creative.

Here are some great examples of how to implement a strong subject line and increase email engagement:

Subject Line: Your trip to Alvor

In this email example from Airbnb, they use their personalization technology to generate an email for a destination that the user had already been searching for on their platform. The subject line is clear and direct: the contents of this email will provide you with information on your potential trip. And as you can see by the example, they list our an day-by-day itinerary of activities. Airbnb for the trip planning assist!









Subject line: Your 2016 in music: personalised stats and playlist

In this example from Spotify, the subject line shares just enough to pique recipients’ interest. It tells consumers what’s in the email, but it doesn’t give away all of the details. It also includes a notion of personalization – your listening habits over the past year which is a natural curiosity driver – what has Spotify learned about you?















Here at Rokt, we help brands continue the conversation with their customers and email nurtures are a big part of our proposition and the value that we deliver. We understand the importance of guiding users down the purchase funnel in order to convert website visitors into loyal customers. We tailor each email nurture strategy to each brand’s specific objectives and goals but here are a few tried and true methods that we can offer to help increase open rates and drive greater engagement.

How to increase email open rates – tips and tricks:

– Consider unique word pairings: Blend clever word pairings to drive attention, such as “Thank you & Sneak Peak.” This piques readers’ curiosity and drives interest.

– Make it personal: Try starting your subject line with something that is meaningful to the recipient, such using a first name or a relevant offer. For example, “Hi John, Your $10 Uber Ride Awaits.”

– Stay out of spam filters: To steer clear of spam filters, you have to do your best to refrain from sending emails that could be considered spam. For example, avoid sending emails with subject lines that use the words “free,” “sale,” “deal,” and using words all in CAPITAL LETTERS and with lots of punctuation! The most important thing to remember is that consumers can’t open your email if they never received it.

– Keep subject lines short and simple: With any subject line, it’s important to keep things brief. If your subject line is too long or too complex, customers won’t bother to open the email. At Rokt, we recommend you limit subject lines to seven to ten words.

Stayed tuned for our next blog on click through rates, or request a demo with one of our experts!