Announcing “Rokt the Rig”, the global talent search for Female F1 sim racers

In partnership with Oracle Red Bull Racing, we’re excited to share our latest announcement to foster greater diversity in Formula 1, esports, technology, and commerce across the globe. This year, we joined Oracle Red Bull Racing for the second-annual International Women in Engineering Day event. At the event held at the Red Bull Technology Campus in Milton Keynes, together, we unveiled our “Rokt the Rig” program. It is through this program and our continued collaboration that we look forward to breaking down barriers and creating equal opportunities for women in the world of F1 and esports.

Expanding opportunities for female sim racers

We will be working with Oracle Red Bull Racing to identify six exceptional female sim racers who will be invited to participate in the groundbreaking “Rokt the Rig” women’s sim racer development program. Under the guidance from the Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports team, these talented individuals will receive personalized training to nurture their racing skills, along with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to compete or contribute to the team.

They will actively engage with the team and esports community through the Discord platform, fostering connections and building relationships within the industry. The participants will have the chance to win incredible prizes, including elite performance equipment, as they progress through the program.

“This program will offer an open and inclusive platform for women around the world to prove their sim-racing talent and provide support to help them develop that talent to its full potential,” said Joe Soltysik, Esports Lead at Oracle Red Bull Racing. “We couldn’t be prouder to partner with Rokt to create a more equitable world where everyone is empowered to develop their professional knowledge and capabilities and succeed in any career path they choose.”

A look inside the program highlights

“’Rokt the Rig”’ will commence with a Driver Accelerator Day at the Red Bull Racing technology campus in Milton Keynes. During this event, the six chosen sim racers will receive one-on-one mentoring from an Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports driver. They will also have an opportunity to explore the Oracle Red Bull Racing factory and visit the state-of-the-art esports training and competition facility known as the “Erena.”

Following the Accelerator Day, participants will engage in monthly group training sessions with professional esports drivers. They will also have the chance to participate in on-site races at the Erena, further honing their skills and gaining valuable experience. Additionally, they will be invited to join the Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports Discord community, which will allow them to communicate directly with the team and its drivers. Top-performing racers will receive prizes to further fuel their journey in the world of esports. For those interested in participating, more details will be provided from Rokt and Oracle Red Bull Racing on July 24th. 

Commitment to diversity and empowerment

Much like the technology industry, we recognize not only the need for more representation for women in F1 and esports but also the importance of creating avenues to help get there. This program not only promotes the inclusion of female gamers in sim racing and esports but also sheds light on the vast array of career opportunities available to women in the esports industry.

“Rokt is deeply committed to fostering greater diversity in technology, sports, and business, and we are thrilled to launch this search for talented female F1 sim racers as part of our continuing partnership with Oracle Red Bull Racing,” said Srishti Gupta, Rokt’s Chief Product Officer. “As a woman in tech, I understand the need to break down the barriers that women have traditionally faced in too many professions and arenas. This program will not only help make sim racing and esports more welcoming to female gamers but will also help highlight many of the other career opportunities in esports that are available to women.”

The impact of the global search for female F1 sim racers

This global talent launch will be a catalyst for demonstrating that the world of esports is a place for everyone. We’re excited to have a team of experts like Ash Vandelay supporting us along the way. The support from thought leaders like Vandelay will help us as we aim to make a lasting impact to promote that esports is a space that can be for anyone.

“We’re thrilled that Oracle Red Bull Racing and Rokt are making esports and sim racing more welcoming to women across the globe,” said Ash Vandelay, an American Motorsport streamer, advocate for more women in motorsports, and an official content creator for the Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports team. “This talent search will go a long way to demonstrate that playing, enjoying, and competing in esports is for everyone—regardless of sex, identity, background, or income.”

Read more about our launch for the next female F1 sim racer with Oracle Red Bull Racing here. To learn more about how we’re working with Oracle Red Bull Racing to unleash more diversity in F1, visit our partnership page here