Rokt x Segment: Your Data, Better

We are excited to announce that Rokt is now a destination in Segment’s integrations catalog!

What can you do with Segment & Rokt?

The Rokt-Segment App optimizes campaign performance by integrating conversion attribution for Rokt Ads. By integrating conversion data, you’ll unlock a suite of intelligent tools that learn from every conversion, constantly and continuously making adjustments to improve campaign targeting and bidding.

The Rokt Segment integration helps users set up data from any source and send those events to the Rokt platform. The conversion attribution plugin for advertisers is built as a wrapper to the Rokt Event API; It connects data sources within Segment to the Rokt Segment plugin, triggered by a conversion event on the advertiser’s conversion page. 

And this can be done easily, with no  placement rendering required from the Rokt Segment plugin. By integrating with Segment, Rokt can drive more value for partners and advertisers with increased relevancy, and data collection can be expanded to CRMs, CDPs, and native devices integrated with external vendors.

What is Segment?

Segment is a single platform that collects, stores, and routes your user data to hundreds of tools at the press of a button.

Segment can be utilized for collecting user interaction data from a host of different sources like your website, mobile app, or server. If someone views your blog, Segment can track that for you, if you have a mobile app and you want to know what your users are doing, Segment’s got you covered, and if you have an ecommerce service and you want to see how your customers interact with your catalog, Segment can track that too.

Segment makes sending your event data to analytics providers easy; once you have started collecting data using Segment you can route it to Google Analytics or Mixpanel or BigQuery—And finally, Rokt!

Getting Started

You can connect Segment and Rokt within just a few minutes! Head over to your Segment account now and find Rokt in the destinations catalog. You can read more in detail about this integration here.