Rokt & TDM help Teach for Australia raise $195K+ with donation matching

On October 27th, Teach For Australia’s annual Giving Day campaign ‘Every Child Every Chance’ successfully raised $195K, with extra help from donation matching partners TDM Growth Partners and Rokt. The funds raised will be used to bring more excellent teachers and inspiring leaders to communities that need them most. Rokt is proud to be able to contribute to giving children a “fair go” at a quality education. 

Teach For Australia’s mission is to ensure that all children have access to a quality education that provides them with choices and opportunities for the future. The funds raised during Giving Day will be used to support Teach For Australia in continuing to recruit, train, support, and empower exceptional individuals to become excellent educators for thousands of students throughout the country. “Each donation to Teach For Australia makes a real difference to the work we do – and Giving Day had twice the impact this year thanks to our generous partners TDM Foundation and Rokt matching every donation,” Melodie Potts Rosevear, TFA Chief Executive Officer, said. 

Since 2009, Teach For Australia has successfully recruited, trained, placed, supported, and empowered more than 1,200 new teachers and leaders within the education system. Giving back to provide more access to education remains a commitment for Rokt. We recently joined Pledge 1% alongside other top companies to make a positive social impact by donating 1% of their time, product, equity or profit to charitable initiatives of their choice. By joining the movement, we’ve committed to donating 1% of our product  and 1% of profits to help improve access to education for underserved communities. “You’re sitting at university with kids from more affluent backgrounds and realize it’s weird that we think these kids are 20 times more capable of being university students because of their postcodes. Imagine a society where all those people could reach their potential and how much better off we would all be,” Bruce Buchanan, Rokt Founder & CEO, said about his passion for equality in education and opportunity. 

We are proud to have worked with our partners TDM Growth Partners to be a Force for Good to create impact in the education space. As we grow, we want to stay deeply rooted in our communities to create more opportunities and access for all children.

Read more about Teach for Australia’s Giving Day here. Learn more about Rokt’s values and culture as we strive to be a Force for Good.