Unleashing our full potential

Each quarter, Rokt sends out an anonymous “Pulse” engagement survey to ensure that every Rokt’star is fully heard and fairly treated. We want Rokt to be an open and equitable place to work, so that Rokt’stars have the ability to unleash their potential while challenging our leaders to elevate the workplace when it comes to delivering results and inspiring their teams, as well as continually reviewing things like competitive pay, work-life balance, and career development. 

At Rokt we democratize ideas and scale them through transparent and effective communication. The Pulse survey gives Rokt’stars the platform they need to share feedback and is an essential part of our employee engagement program. Since 2018, we doubled down on improving participation so we can get real time feedback and implement changes required to create effective and  lasting change to support our leaders and our Rokt’stars. That effort has paid off with consistently high (>90%) participation over the past six surveys. Over 97% of Rokt’stars completed the Q4’22 survey —  allowing us to learn more about the areas that have been effective and where we stand to improve. Investing in strong people leaders and learning and development programs within the organization have helped us see massive improvements in engagement over time. This is a 37% jump in participation from both 2018 and 2019 which both saw 71% in participation. Seeing the uptick over the years has been instrumental for improving the work we do here at Rokt as we work to unleash the potential of every Rokt’star.


Rokt’s engagement survey explores several factors:

Engagement: this section explores the various opportunities Rokt provides career opportunities and room to grow. It also explores how likely Rokt’stars are to recommend us as a good place to work and overall contentment in their day-to-day

Alignment: this portion of the survey explores both how we connect each Rokt’star to our company mission along with the guidance Rockstars receive in order to be successful in their current roles. 

Management: the engagement survey asks Rokt’stars to give an overview of how their manager has given them the meaningful and actionable feedback. It also directly asks about the manager’s overall effectiveness as a leader. 

Feedback & Recognition: in this section, Rokt’stars are prompted to share whether or not they get appropriate recognition for the good work they do. It also delves into job performance and the fairness of which it is evaluated.

As we prioritize maintaining  a people-first culture and empowering everyone to have an equal voice, we believe transparency is a key component of that. Transparency is embedded in every aspect of Rokt, from publishing all of our salaries, to sharing weekly CEO reports on the state of the business, and more. Our Q4’22 results are coming on the heels of updates like publishing our employee handbook, so that we can build on that foundation of transparency.  

Highlights from our Q4’22 Pulse survey

In the spirit of transparency, we’re sharing our improvements and learnings from our most recent quarterly survey. Our Q4’22 Pulse survey hit a new all-time high engagement result of 86%, this is up 5% from our previous record. This was driven by improvements in several departments across Rokt who celebrated improvement in overall alignment – something we’ve been working hard to improve in recent months. The end goal is for every Rokt’star to understand the impact of their work and how it connects back to our ultimate mission of unleashing ecommerce. 


As part of giving our Rokt’stars the ability to unleash their potential, we want to ensure they are confident in their ability to grow within the organization. We were pleased to find out that In Q4’22, 86% of individuals would recommend their manager and 84% believe that there are great career opportunities within the organization. 

We also look at our results by region to ensure we understand the nuance in each of our office locations. We are pleased to report that one of our largest teams based in Sydney saw improvements across the board including reported uplifts in: Engagement, Management, Alignment, and Feedback & Recognition. We recognize that while we are all Rokt’stars, the challenges can sometimes vary based on location and are cognizant of the need to ensure each office feels fully seen and heard.

On a global scale, we also saw positive improvement in our eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score), which recommends Rokt as a great place to work — increasing by 6% for a record score of 92%. Over the past 5 years our Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), that measures employee satisfaction, improved from 70% to 92% indicating that the work we’ve put in over the last 5 years is creating positive results. 

The areas of growth where we hope to improve in Q1’23 and beyond are all focused on continuing to improve this alignment. Alignment is a key driver of engagement, and something we’re actively working on investing in as we work towards getting more clarity for their teams. This means we’re aiming to ensure:

  • We have the best leaders creating clarity for their teams
  • We build our organization with the right structure for today and as we grow
  • We create clarity on career paths for all Rokt’stars and give Rokt’stars avenues to pivot when needed

How we’re raising the bar

In addition to maintaining transparency, we’re constantly aiming to raise the bar at Rokt in pursuit of making us all better. Engagement surveys give us a macro perspective on how we can help mentor our talent and elevate our teams to the next level. Our Rokt’stars are our greatest assets and we want to make sure they feel connected, cared for, clear on expectations and confident to act boldly.  

We know that  in order to maintain an excellent culture, we need to check-in regularly to ensure we’re getting input on the things that matter most. In addition to our quarterly Pulse survey, we also conduct an Engagement Deep Dive annually, that offers even more detailed questions for deeper analysis so managers can take action based on detailed feedback. By seeking feedback and leaning into areas to development, it allows us to grow as a company, department, and as individuals. As we continue to bring in top talent, we’re laser-focused on giving our Rokt’stars a workplace that allows them  to unleash their full potential.

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